Kensington Living

Kensington Living

Residential Neighbourhood

Kensington Living will feature over 350 pristine and appealing factory built homes.

Kensington Living means a life full of ease and convenience. Everything you need is right here.


Owned lots create a home for individuals who are looking for an affordable housing option while enjoying the benefits of brand new construction and low maintenance costs.

Pedestrian trails connect Kensington Living to Kensington Estates.


These walkways allow residents to enjoy the beautiful green spaces in all of Kensington Communities.

Residents can also use these paths to explore the entire city of Grande Prairie.


Factory Built Home Process

The differences between traditional site-built homes and factory-built homes have shrunk in recent years, with factory-built housing quickly meeting and exceeding the standards long viewed to be the prerogative of site builders. While factory-built structures are constructed to the same national and provincial standards as site-built homes, the exceptional quality of factory built homes becomes strikingly apparent once you examine the home-building process. With materials and construction performed within climate-controlled facilities, by dedicated trained professionals, and under the inspection of third party agencies, our homes are not plagued by the challenges of rotating seasonal staff or inclement weather. 

By using automation within the factory floor, from the cuts of lumber to the raising of walls, we can ensure stability and consistency across all jobs performed. This consistency and environmental focus adds to the exceptional energy efficiency of the final home, ensuring the home saves you money.

Finally, by using our one-of-a-kind Ridge Wall System, we build strength into the finished product. Through lateral bracing, double continuous headers, continuous vapor barriers, and compressed floor-to-wall-to-ceiling fastenings, we minimize deflection and allow for the future craning or rolling into place upon arrival. It is this strength that allows for our industry-leading 20-year structural warranty.

Eastlink is Kensington’s Preferred telecommunications provider, always driven by a spirit of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism. We provide television, internet, smart home, telephone, and mobile services to the community of Grande Prairie.

Our downtown office is home to Grande Prairie Eastlink Community Television – with coverage of the sporting, cultural, political, and human interests that make up the very fabric of our communities. Visit us to learn more at our retail location at the Grande Prairie Mall or at

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Triple M Housing

Kensington Living is happy to have partnered with Triple M Housing to supply all manufactured homes. For decades, Triple M Housing Ltd has sought to lead the factory-built housing industry in innovation, customization, and satisfaction, while simultaneously maintaining our distinctly Canadian core. Through our deliberate and steady growth, we have ensured that Triple M Housing has remained 100% Canadian owned and operated. Through our proprietary building systems, state-of-the-art production facilities, and award-winning design teams, we ensure your home is built to your specifications, on time, and within budget. Triple M Housing continues to lead all home builders with a singular focus on reduced environmental impacts. Through using green initiatives—such as the Built Green program, Energy Star participation, and our distinct in-house recycling strategies—we have managed to reduce the expected waste of home construction by over 60%. Each Triple M home is built in strict accordance with the National Building Code, provincial codes, and municipal codes, and they are audited by CSA certified third party agencies, providing the satisfaction of exemplary quality control and comfort.

Kitchen Special

The kitchen is the heart of the home and what a better way to celebrate this than to have an entire line dedicated to the kitchen. Upgraded appliances, unique kitchen layouts, full tile backsplash with glass tile accents, beautiful islands, and stainless steel euro range hoods are all standard in the Kitchen Special plans.


Meridian has the most available floor plans and is the most popular line of homes we build. Meridian homes combine elegant design with functionality and comfort.


Built with value in mind these homes are perfect for a first time buyer or as an investment property.

Kensington Living Means A Life Full Of Ease And Convenience. Everything You Need Is Right Here