All Kensington

All Kensington

Kensington is more than just a neighbourhood. It’s a community where everyone can grow together, no matter your lifestyle.

Between your urban soul and rural heart, Kensington offers a blend of both. Situated on the edge of the city, Kensington offers tons of open spaces and natural views inside the city limits.

Within Kensington, you have easy access to a retail district. You’re only a mere fifteen minutes from anywhere in Grande Prairie. You can also access a large natural parks and take advantage of winding walking trails and beautiful birch trees in this protected wetland.


Kensington Estates is a family-first neighborhood which will accommodate a school, along with two impressive playgrounds. Each residential lot will have a spacious backyard for your family, perfect for everything from barbeque to small get-togethers.


Kensington Living is an affordable neighbourhood comprised of high end factory-built homes.  Each home is situated on an owned lot and is completely turn-key.  Residents will enjoy paved walking trails, nature ponds, playground and a large shared green space, perfect for gatherings.

Spacious Parks

Retail Shops

Stunning Homes

Kensington’s Story

Founded by Peter Teichroeb, Kensington was inspired by family. When searching for a name for the development, Peter asked his family to come up with suggestions. After all the names were suggested, the family voted on each of them. Together, they chose the name: Kensington.

As a name, Kensington represent regality and esteem. As a place, Kensington is reminiscent of its family-found title. It is the ideal blend of tradition and modernity.

Kensington literally puts family first. It started with ours and it continues with yours.

The Final Vision: All Kensington

Over the next decade, Kensington will continue to grow into its vision, including the construction of:

  • Nearly 550 residential homes
  • 33 manufactured homes, and over 300 new build duplexes
  • Two community playgrounds
  • A convenient commercial district
  • A spacious green area
  • A school
  • A large natural park

By its estimated completion in 2029, Kensington will be a community of approximately 3,700 Grande Prairie residents.


Various Developmental Phases

Phase One

Kensington Estates | Kensington Living | Kensington Shop

Phase One will commence in the summer of 2019. This phase includes the preparation of 119 lots in Kensington Estates. Homes will be completed and ready for possession in late fall to early winter.

All single-family homes built in Kensington Estates in Phase One will have attached garages. These garages will not only complement the overall design of each home but give homeowners a great place to store vehicles and toys.

Commercial development also begins in June of 2019.

Phase two will focus on expanding residential development. It will be fully realized at the end of the first phase to reflect the direct needs of its Grande Prairie residents.

Kensington | At a Glance

Full of natural beauty, all of Kensington reflects the good-natured charm of its northern city. In Kensington, spend your days relaxing in spacious backyards or rolling green spaces. Browse through local shops before taking a family bike ride through the winding nature trails. You can even just hang out at our community centre and get to know your neighbours.

Charming Community | Easy Rural Escape

Connected to the great outdoors, Kensington offers residents rural views and recreational opportunities. From skating and snowshoeing to playing baseball and frisbee, residents can use community green spaces from the snowiest winters to the warmest summers.

Residents can also take in everything from casual evening walks to intense biking and running sessions on the winding trails through the large natural park. Since these trails connect to the city as well, they can also take in the whole of Grande Prairie, starting right from their front door.

In Kensington, nature isn’t just a thing to see. Nature is a place to be: a place to run, jump, train, and grow.